Technically speaking, a hair extension is a unique additional tool to enhance the thickness, volume and length of your existing hair. These extensions can easily blend with natural hair growth to provide the required thickness, length and volume to your new hairstyles. Tape-in hair extensions are vastly popular among women with short and damaged hair as these extensions can give them a fuller hair look for a short period.

Using hair extensions to enhance your hairstyle is a personal choice. The hairstylists use these extensions to get an extra length of human hair and fullness in volume. These extensions are manufactured by using human hair or synthetic hair. Usually, these hair units are clipped, glued, or sewn into place.

Different types of hair extensions

Hair extensions come in different kinds to support different hairstyles and hair types:

  • Weaves
  • Ponytails
  • Halos 
  • Clip-Ins
  • Tape-Ins

How to get the perfect hair extensions?

Have you ever wondered how TV personalities and celebrities change their hair look from a short bob to gorgeous waist-length locks in a matter of a few days? Yes, you predict it correctly; this is the magic of hair extensions. There is extensive use of hair extensions in the show business.

Now, you can add some dramatic flair to your everyday look by adding some inches and a little volume to your hair. Follow these few steps to get the perfect hair extension and become an adorable attraction at parties and events.

  • Do not try to copy a style worn by other people because it might look good on someone but might not have the same effects for you. Always try to match the extension with your natural hair. Otherwise, it will look odd, dull and unattractive.
  • Keep your comfort your top priority, as it is not easy to manage hair extensions. Choose an extension with a proper length that you can carry easily. If you do not know how to carry long hair, you might call for disaster by using long hair extensions.
  • Choose a hair extension manufactured with natural human hairs. These extensions blend with your natural hair quickly and last for a long time.
  • Hair extensions are just a tool to enhance your existing hair's volume, length, and thickness. They can not replace your original hair. Keeping them healthy must be your priority. To do that, avoid weaving, glueing and waxes as they damage your hair in the longer run.
  • Choose a hair extension that matches your natural colours to maintain a natural look. But some people opt for bold and bright colours as per their preferences.

Merits of hair extensions

  • Safe.
  • Less time-consuming as compared to other procedures.
  • Pocket-friendly.
  • Guarantees desirable results.
  • Used for different hair conditions, sizes or textures.
  • Successfully procedure.
  • It is a non-invasive procedure.
  • No surgery is required.

Reasons to Get Hair Extensions

There are various reasons to go for hair extensions. The below-mentioned reasons will convince you to opt for a hair extension solution:


The most prominent reason to use a hair extension is to get the volume of your hair. Every adult suffers reduced natural hair volume due to hair loss or thin hair. The hair extension is the perfect solution for achieving the thickness you have been hoping for a long time.


One more critical reason to have hair extensions is to have thick locks. Hair thickness can not be obtained naturally when some start to lose hair; you need hair extensions to create thicker hairs. You can play around with these extensions to get bendy and curly locks.

Unlimited Hairstyles

One of the most prominent reasons to have a hair extension is that it opens the gates for numerous hairstyles. Thin or short hairs can not reconstruct hairstyles that need volume and length. Hair extension comes in your defence in these situations.

Hair Length

Increasing the length of natural hair is a long process with few positive results. Hair extensions provide instant length to your short hair. It offers you the confidence to have a hairstyle you have been hoping to wear for a long time. 

Ease of Use

Hair extensions are prosecuted and developed for instant use as you do not need to spend hours in the salon to get your hairstyles done. It needs minimal effort to get the perfect hairstyle with hair extensions.

How to Use Hair extensions?

Well, the process of using hair extensions entirely depends on the extension type you are using. Fusion, Weave and tape-in extensions are delicate hair extensions, and you must need professional help while applying them on your head and not by yourself at home. Search for an experienced hair expert or salon to do this procedure if you choose to use any of these extensions. 

You can use Clip-in hair extensions by yourself at your home. These extensions come in large, medium, and miniature sets. You need to split your hair into different sections and apply for your extension as needed.

Note *: Try to apply for hair extensions as close as possible to the roots.